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Specialist Risk Management of Ageing Assets

You know you have ageing assets but you also have fixed resources.

How do you target those resources to achieve the biggest positive impact on your business, both in terms of profitability and safety?

Management of ageing assets requires a good understanding of the condition of safety critical elements (SCEs), how that condition is changing over time and how to carry out maintenance in a timely manner to minimise risk ofAgeging Assets and workers major accidents.

There is evidence that installation age is not necessarily a reliable indicator of condition of material or likelihood of failure.  At the HSE Science and Research Centre we use our expertise in assessing, trending, modelling, testing and training to help you get your asset and risk management strategy right.

We'll also help you to get the most value from your assets, safely, and ensure your people are equipped to carry out the necessary actions effectively and efficiently.


Ongoing risk assessment audits and reviews

Predicting obsolescence and failures

Action planning and prioritising spend

Leadership and Decision


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