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Experimental facilities

HSE's Science and Research Centre (SRC) is home to a wide range of experimental facilities, many unique in this country. Our 550-acre site allows us the space to safely conduct energetic and large-scale tests. Existing equipment can often be re-purposed to customers' requirements and there is plenty of space to allow development of bespoke rigs.

Other facilities are contained within our purpose-built laboratory building, which also allows our technical and support staff to work together across disciplines.

The Centre has excellent road and rail connections, and Manchester International Airport is only 45 minutes' drive away. There is easy access to the site for large loads and a 24-hour security presence.

We have recently built a number of Visitor Hubs around the site to provide our customers with on-site office and welfare facilities. Strategically placed near key facilities, visiting staff can make the best use of their time, for instance between observations of tests.

This interactive map shows the extent of the site and highlights the main facilities:

Map key

Experimental Facility map pin Experimental facility Visitor Hub map pin Visitor Hub


Below is a list of most facilities on the site; not all appear on the map for the sake of clarity.

Fire and Explosion

Pre-certification Jet Fire Facility
Horizontal Jet Fire Facility
Fire Proof/Resistance Testing
Burn Hall
Dispersion and Fire Facility
High Pressure Combustor Facility
Pool Fire Facilities
Cryogenic Release Facility
Deflagration/Detonation Arrestor Pipeline
Dust Explosion Test Facility
Fuel Tank Test Facility

Impact and Crashworthiness

Impact Test Pad
10m Drop Test Rig
25m Drop Test Rig
Impact Tracks
Gas Gun

Process Safety

Electrostatic Fluid Flow Facility
Fluid Dispersion Test Facility
Cryogenic Release Facility

Batteries and Energy Storage

Battery Safety Facilities

Explosives Testing

Hazmat and Explosives Testing
Explosives Mechanical Sensitiveness
Explosives Railway and Tunnel Facility
Test Pads

Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels

Gas Network Hydrogen Testing Facility
High Pressure Hydrogen Storage and Release Testing Facility
Combined Gas Cycle Turbine Facility
300 m² Multi-Purpose Test Chamber
Liquid Hydrogen Testing Facility

General Engineering

Multi-Purpose Engineering Laboratory

Complete Worker Health

Containment Level 3 Microbiology Laboratory

Controlled Atmospheric Chamber




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