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Ongoing risk assessment audits and reviews

From pipelines to offshore platforms, you need to know whether the physical engineering assets you have are safe and performing, and that you have the right strategies in place to keep them that way into the future.

At HSE we work with you to understand your specific issues and current strategies for ALE, and jointly develop a bespoke strategy to help you carry out, act on and monitor ALE audits and reviews effectively.

This includes using data trending to create 'intelligence' from pure data, giving you a more accurate big picture so that you can establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that will help you better manage your assets.

We also offer bespoke consultancy to review and minimise outstanding Operational Risk Assessments (ORAs) through establishing long-term asset management strategies. In addition, we can use your ORAs to identify wider, related issues associated with ageing platforms and thereby help you to manage creeping change and minimise so-called 'normalisation of deviance'.

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