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Ageing & Life Extension: Beyond KP4

Helping you to get the most from your assets, safely

KP4 is the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) Key Programme 4 covering ageing and life extension (ALE). Our scientists worked with wider HSE to analyse the findings of this forward-looking inspection programme of work. The resulting KP4 report published in Spring 2014 highlighted the challenges facing hydrocarbon exploration and production installations on the UK's Continental Shelf (UKCS).

We have a long-standing and well-respected reputation for working closely with high-hazard industries on complex health and safety issues to identify the most effective solutions. This experience and expertise, combined with the insights and in-depth sector knowledge we have gained while working on the KP4 report, puts us in a unique position to support the Oil & Gas sector to:

  • Manage ALE assets and risks safely and efficiently
  • Predict what may go wrong and, crucially, when
  • Get the most value from, or extend the life of, assets without compromising safety
  • Prioritise spend appropriately on repair/replace
  • Ultimately, have a positive effect on overall profitability

Specialist ALE asset and risk management support for the Oil & Gas sector...

Our areas of expertise

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact:  Dr Paul Grant on +44 (0)203 028 2142  or email:

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