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Predicting obsolescence and failures

Our aim is to help you avoid the environmental, safety and financial costs of unscheduled shutdowns.

We deploy a range of techniques to assess why assets deteriorate or fail enabling you to arrest any deterioration before it becomes significant or mitigate against those failures in the future.

We also help you to predict when they are likely to fail so that you can get the most from your assets by replacing or repairing at the right time, but not earlier than necessary.Data trending

These techniques include:

  • Data mining and trending to predict, given your current way of working and conditions, the deterioration patterns of your assets and identify at what point  your assets are likely to fail or require major work
  • Mathematical modelling, to help forecast end of life, inform inspection strategies and predict profitable operation dates
  • Failure analysis testing at the HSE Science and Research Centre to investigate why assets have failed and apply those learnings to prevent subsequent failures and to predict how long specific assets will perform.

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