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HSE Science and Research Publications:

HSE Science and Research is published in reports, scientific journals and conference proceedings, and trade and professional magazines etc. This science and research is primarily carried out by our specialists at our Buxton laboratory, Bootle headquarters, and our Chemicals Regulations Division, (CRD) in York. Additionally we publish reports on science and research that we have commissioned from other organisations.

HSE Bootle Head Office.

A four story circular building

HSE Buxton Laboratory.

A tall glass fronted building with an open courtyard and a car park in front


A four storey red brick building on the bank of a canal.

Open Access to HSE Science and Research

All HSE Research Reports are open access.

From 1st January 2014, open access applies to the vast majority of peer-reviewed journal papers describing HSE-led and funded research. Copies of published papers and articles that are not open access can be obtained through your public, academic or company library service. If you do not have access to such services please contact the British Library Document Supply Centre, use British Library online. To access reports that are not listed on the website, please send in a request  - see Contact Us . Please start the enquiry with "Request for Research Report Not Listed on HSE Website".

Bibliography of Science and Research Publications

A bibliography of all science and research publications, including those written by HSE's former agency, the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), are given at the links opposite. Please note that any HSL reports published in the HSE Research Reports series from 2002 onwards are available as free downloads.


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