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How to do Biological Monitoring

Starting out

There are a number of simple things that need to be considered before starting a biological monitoring programme including defining the sampling protocol, consulting the workers, managing the results and deciding how the results will be acted on.  HSE offers free guidance on setting up a biological monitoring workplace scheme.  HSE Science and Research Centre can also help you - we run a half-day training course on biological monitoring or contact us for further information.

Ordering Sampling Kits

All our biological monitoring tests include bottles, packaging and return UK postage in the price of analysis. Sample kits can be ordered by contacting Sample Registration (telephone: 0203 028 3383 or email:  Some kits can also be ordered directly online.

Interpreting Results and Taking Action

Once you have received your results, you then need to review them and decide whether any further action is required.  There are guidance values set by HSE and others to help put your results into perspective.  You also need to tell the individual workers who provided samples their own result.  Remember that the results are sensitive personal data and should only be shared with others according to the consent agreed by the worker.

Bespoke Services

As well as our standard tests (see price list) we are also able to offer bespoke analysis and undertake research projects.  Biological monitoring can be used to assess both occupational and environmental chemical exposures; globally, biological monitoring is being widely used in public health.If you would like to discuss a specific requirement, please contact Sample Registration.


UK Biomonitoring Network

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