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UK Biomonitoring Network

Following a successful meeting (see below), organised by IGHRC and the RSC Toxicology group in January 2019, feedback suggested that an informal network, facilitated by a website and an email list, would be beneficial.

In analytical chemistry, biomonitoring is the measurement of the body burden of toxic chemical compounds, elements, or their metabolites, in biological substances. Often, these measurements are done in blood and urine.  Biomonitoring can be applied to humans (workers or members of the general population) or wildlife (mammals, birds (including eggs), fish, invertebrates).

Here is the start of a web page - if you would like to suggest content, please contact Kate Jones.

Biomonitoring - human and environmental perspectives

22 January 2019, London, United Kingdom

An awareness day, aimed at bringing together scientists, risk assessors, risk managers and policy makers with and without experience in the use of BM/BEM with an interest in understanding its current and future use for assessing the use and control of chemical substances for humans and the environment. Presentations are available at the link above.

If you are interested in joining our email list, please sign up at JISCM@il.

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