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Burn Hall

A flexible facility for fire research, featuring controlled ventilation and drainage.

Burn Hall

Our state-of-the-art Burn Hall is a versatile site used for a variety of fire testing purposes by commercial clients in different industry sectors. Experiments can be conducted independent of the weather. The ventilation and drainage systems not only minimise the environmental impact of experiments, but allow smoke, fume and run-off to be captured and analysed.

Key features

  • Fires up to 3MW output
  • Suitable for propane and liquid fuel
  • FAA-design 'NexGen' burner
  • Integrated control room
  • Independent capture tank
  • 15m x 17m x 12m height

Main applications

  • Fire testing for aerospace components to ISO 2685 and FAA AC 20-135 standards
  • Testing of building components

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