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New Published Articles

Galea, K., Porras, S., Viegas, S., Bocca, B., Bousoumah, R., Duca, R., Godderis, L., Iavicoli, I., Janasik, B., Jones, K., Knudsenk, L., Leese, E., Leso, V., Louro, H., Ndaw, S., Ruggieri, F., Sepai, O., Scheepers, P., Silva, M., Wasowic, W. and Santon, R. (2021) HBM4EU chromates study - Reflection and lessons learnt from designing and undertaking a collaborative European biomonitoring study on occupational exposure to hexavalent chromium. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 234 113725

Stacey, P., Hall, S., Stagg, S., Clegg, F. and Sammon, C. (2021) Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction responses when measuring health-related micrometre and nanometre particle size fractions of crystalline quartz and the measurement of quartz in dust samples from the cutting and polishing of natural and artificial stones. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 52 (6), 1095-1107


Advance Publications

Bramwell, L., Morton, J., Harding, A.-H., Lin, N. and Entwistle, J. (2021) Determinants of blood and saliva lead concentrations in adult gardeners on urban agricultural sites. Environmental Geochemistry and Health,

Hall, S., Stacey, P., Pengelly, I., Stagg, S., Saunders, C. J. and Hambling, S. (2021) Characterising and comparing emissions of dust, respirable crystalline silica and volatile organic compounds from natural and artificial stones. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxab055

Williams, N., Moore, A., Woods, M. and Forman, S. (2021) Audit of waist measurement methods during statutory diving medical assessments. Occupational Medicine, kqab110





Recently Published Reports


AZKARATE, I., BUTTNER, W., BARTHÉLÉMY, H., CIRRONE, D., COLDRICK, S,. HOOKER, P., HAWKSWORTH, S., JEFFREY, K., JORDAN, T., KELLER, J., MARKERT, F., MELIDEO, D., MORETTO, P. and TCHOUVELEV, A. International Association for Hydrogen Safety 'Research Priorities Workshop', September 2018, Buxton, UK. HSE, 2020. (RR1159)


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