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HSE Science and Research Publications 2021

Journal Papers

Birkitt, K., Loo-Morrey, M., Sanchez, C. and O'Sullivan, L. (2021) Materials aspects associated with the addition of up to 20 mol% hydrogen into an existing natural gas distribution network. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (23), 12290-12299

Buttner, W., Hall, J., Coldrick, S., Hooker, P. and Wischmeyer, T. (2021) Hydrogen wide area monitoring of LH2 releases. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (23), 12497-12510

Chen, Y., Atchison, C., Atkinson, B., Barber, C., Bennett, A., Brickley, E., Cooke, J., Dabrera, G., Fishwick, D., Fletcher, T., Graham, A., Higgins, H., Keen, C., Morgan, D., Uk Covid-19 National Core Studies Consortium, Noakes, C., Pearce, N., Raja, A., Sandys, V., Stocks, J., Van Tongeren, M., Van Veldhoven, K., Verma, A. and Curran, A. (2021) The COVID-OUT study protocol: COVID-19 outbreak investigation to understand workplace SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the United Kingdom. Wellcome Open Research, 6, 201

Cockayne, S., Fairhurst, C., Zand, M., Frost, G., Liddle, M., Cunningham-Burley, R., Hewitt, C., Iles-Smith, H., Green, L., Bain, E., Mogradia, M., Torgerson, D.J. (2021)  Slip-resistent footwear to reduce slips among health-care workers: the SSHeW RCT. Public Health Research, 9(3)

Cockayne, S., Fairhurst, C., Frost, G., Liddle, M., Cunningham-Burley, R., Zand, M., Hewitt, C., Illes-Smith, H., Green, L. and Torgerson, D. (2021) Slip-resistant footwear reduces slips among National Health Service workers in England: a randomised controlled trial. Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 78 (7), 472-478,

Fix, J., el al; including Harding, A.-H. (2021)Gender differences in respiratory health outcomes among farming cohorts around the globe: findings from the AGRICOH Consortium. Journal of Agromedicine, 26 (3), 97-108

Forbes Valery, E. et al; including Reed, M. (2021) Mechanistic effect modeling of earthworms in the context of pesticide risk assessment: Synthesis of the FORESEE Workshop. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 17 352-363

Freeman, A., Parker, S., Noakes, C., Fitzgerald, S., Smyth, A., Macbeth, R., Spiegelhalter, D. and Rutter, H. (2021) Expert elicitation on the relative importance of possible SARS-CoV-2 transmission routes and the effectiveness of mitigations. BMJ Open, 11 (12), e050869

Galea, K., Porras, S., Viegas, S., Bocca, B., Bousoumah, R., Duca, R., Godderis, L., Iavicoli, I., Janasik, B., Jones, K., Knudsenk, L., Leese, E., Leso, V., Louro, H., Ndaw, S., Ruggieri, F., Sepai, O., Scheepers, P., Silva, M., Wasowic, W. and Santon, R. (2021) HBM4EU chromates study - Reflection and lessons learnt from designing and undertaking a collaborative European biomonitoring study on occupational exposure to hexavalent chromium. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 234 113725

Gant, S., Tickle, G., Kelsey, A. and Tucker, H. (2021) DRIFT dispersion model predictions for the Jack Rabbit II Model inter-comparison exercise. Atmospheric Environment, 244 117717

Hall, J., Hooker, P. and Jeffrey, K. (2021) Gas detection of hydrogen/natural gas blends in the gas industry. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 46 (23), 12555-12565

Hanna, S., Tickle, G., Mazzola, T. and Gant, S. (2021) Dense gas plume rise and touchdown for Jack Rabbit II Trial 8 chlorine field experiment. Atmospheric Environment, 260 118551

Inan, E., Thompson, P., Yates, T. and Ananiadou, S. (2021) HSEarch: semantic search system for workplace accident reports. In: Advances in Information Retrieval. ECIR 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12657

Kelly, F., Bailey, C., Aldridge, P., Brennan, P., Hardy, R., Henrys, P., Hussain, A., Jenkins, M., Lang, A., McGuire, N., McNarry, A., Osborn, M., Pittilla, L., Ralph, M., Sarkar, S. and Taft, D. (2021) Fire safety and emergency evacuation guidelines for intensive care units and operating theatres: for use in the event of fire, flood, power cut, oxygen supply failure, noxious gas, structural collapse or other critical incidents: guidelines form the Association of Anaesthetists and the Intensive Care Society. Anaesthesia, 76 (10), 1377-1391

Kenny, L., Jones, K., Cocker, J., Bader, M., Brodbeck, T., Goen, T., Hartwig, A. and Mak Commission (2021) Ethylenebis(dithiocarbamates) and ethylenethiourea - Determination of ethylenethiourea in urine by LCMS/MS. Biomonitoring Method - translation of the German version from 2021. The MAK Collection for Occupational Health and Safety 2021, 6 (2), Doc407

Loizou, G., McNally, K., Dorne, J. and Hogg, A. (2021) Derivation of a Human In Vivo Benchmark Dose for Perfluorooctanoic Acid From ToxCast In Vitro Concentration Response Data Using a Computational Workflow for Probabilistic Quantitative In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation. Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, 630457

McMahon, M. (2021) Mask related acne: using barrier tape with respirators may contravene safety standards. BMJ, 374, n1938

McNally, K., Sams, C., Hogg, A., Lumen, A. and Loizou, G. (2021) Development, Testing, Parameterisation and Calibration of a Human PBPK Model for the Plasticiser, Di-(2-propylheptyl) Phthalate (DPHP) Using in Silico, in vitro and  Human Biomonitoring Data. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 12, 692442

Madsen, A. M. and Crook, B. (2021) Occupational exposure to fungi on recyclable paper pots and growing media and associated health effects - a review of the literature. Science of the Total Environment, 788 ,147832

Madsen, A. M., Raulf, M., Duquenne, P., Graff, P., Cyprowski, M., Beswick, A., Laitinen, S., Rasmussen, P. U., Hinker, M., Kolk, A., Gorny, R., Oppliger, A. G. and Crook, B. 2021 Review of biological risks associated with the collection of municipal wastes. Science of the Total Environment, 791, 148287

Mazzola, T. and Gant, S. (2021) Results of comparisons of the predictions of 17 dense gas dispersion models with observations from the Jack Rabbit II chlorine field experiment. Atmospheric Environment, 244 117887

Parker, G., Eastwood, A., Storm, M., Vitharana, K., Heatwole, E., Lopez-Pulliam, I., Broilo, R., Dickinson, P., Martinez, A., Rau, C. and Bourne, N. (2021) 4D micro-scale, phase-contrast X-ray imaging and computed tomography of HMX-based polymer-bonded explosives during thermal runaway. Combustion and Flame, 226 478-489

Rutter, H., Parker, S., Stahl-Timmins, W., Noakes, C., Smyth, A., Macbeth, R., Fitzgerald, S. and Freeman, A. (2021) Visualising SARS-CoV-2 transmission routes and mitigations. BMJ 375 e065312

Stacey, P., Hall, S., Stagg, S., Clegg, F. and Sammon, C. (2021) Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction responses when measuring health-related micrometre and nanometre particle size fractions of crystalline quartz and the measurement of quartz in dust samples from the cutting and polishing of natural and artificial stones. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 52 (6), 1095-1107

Stewart, J., Phylaktou, H., Andrews, G. and Burns, A. (2021) Evaluation of CFD Simulations of Transient Liquid Pool Fire Burning Rates. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 71 104495

Trainor, M., Meeuwsen, J. M. and Bongers, P. (2021) Generating health and safety knowledge for innovative and sustainable workplaces: a PEROSH perspective. European Journal of Workplace Innovation, 6 (1)

Williams, N., Moore, A., Woods, M. and Forman, S. (2021) Audit of waist measurement methods during statutory diving medical assessmentsOccupational Medicine, 71 (8), 331-335

Young, C., Smith, D., Wafer, T. and Crook, B. (2021) Rapid Testing and Interventions to Control Legionella Proliferation following a Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Associated with Cooling Towers. Microorganisms, 9 (3), 615

Zare Jeddi, M., et al. and Including Jones, K. (2021) A human biomonitoring (HBM) Global Registry Framework: Further advancement of HBM research following FAIR principles. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 238, 113826

Conference Abstracts

Coleman, A., Gartland, N., Davies, K., Johnson, S., Fishwick, D. and van Tongeren, M. (2021) Public Transport during a Pandemic: A  qualitative study of perceived risk of COVID-19 and risk mitigation on buses and trains. In:  Abstract Book. The 14th UK and Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society Meeting, 3-4 June 2021, 15 (pdf)

Darnton, L., Tan, E., McNally, K., Warren, N. An agent-based model to simulate workplace transmission of COVID-19 In:  Abstract Book. The 14th UK and Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society Meeting, 3-4 June 2021, 26 (pdf)

Johnson, S., Gartland, N., Fishwick, D., Coleman, A., Davies, K. and van Tongeren, M. (2021) Public Transport during a Pandemic: A rapid review of the literature investigating COVID-19 transmission and control on ground public transport. In:  Abstract Book. The 14th UK and Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society Meeting, 3-4 June 2021. 14 (pdf)

Mueller, W., Christopher-de Vries, Y., Basinas, I., Darnton, L., Christensen, M.W., van Tongeren, M., Kolstad, H., McElvenny, D. Cohort study assessing the carcinogenicity of styrene. . In:  Abstract Book. The 14th UK and Ireland Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Society Meeting, 3-4 June 2021. 18 (pdf)

Trade and Professional Magazine Articles

Beers, H. (2021) Work-related violence and aggression: don't accept it. Report it . Prevent itSafety and Health Practitioner, 16 Jun 2021

Book Chapters

Fishwick, D. and Barber, C. Pulmonary effects of inhaled mineral dusts. In: ed, Patty's Industrial Hygiene, 2021,  1-28

Reports by HSE Scientists and Expert Committees

Bettis. R., Chaplin, Z., Corbett, E., Dobbin, G., Garcia, M., Healey, N., Lekka, C., Macbeth, R., Rigby, N., Wardman, M., Wilday, J., Wood, L., Abeysekera, I. and Cormie, D. High rise residential buildings: preliminary serious incident scenarios and potential control measures. HSE, 2021. (RR1170)

Committees on Toxicology and Carcinogenicity. (George Loizou is a member) Report of the Synthesis and Integration of Epidemiological and Toxicological Evidence Subgroup (SETE). 2021.

HSE WORKPLACE HEALTH EXPERT COMMITTEE (WHEC) SARS-CoV-2: testing and the workplace: rapid review to 16th February 2021 HSE, 2021.

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) transmission in meat processing factories: evidence summary to 27 July 2020. HSE, 2021.



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