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Customer Information and FAQs

Sample Registration is your first point of call for any enquiry. If you have a technical query, please make it as clear as possible so that you can be directed to the right department for a response. Many commonly asked questions are answered below.

This page contains information on the following:

  1. How do I find out if HSE Solutions offer a service?
  2. What sampling media should I use?
  3. How do I order kits?
  4. Analysis Request Form
  5. Payment For Services
  6. How will I know when my sample(s) have been received?
  7. How will I receive my results?
  8. When will I receive my results?
  9. Post Analysis Sample Retention and Disposal
  10. Additional Services
  11. Sampling Media

Where do I send my Samples?

In accordance with our operating procedures, sample receipt, registration, retention and disposal, are coordinated by Sample Reception staff based in the dedicated Sample Reception Office.  All samples and batches are allocated unique identification numbers.  Samples received at the same time will normally be treated as a single batch and be reported on a single report in standard HSE Solutions format.

Our address for receipt of all samples for analysis is:

Sample Reception L.2.51, HSE Science and Research Centre, Harpur Hill, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9JN

All samples must be sent with the following forms:

  • fully completed Customer Request form
  • fully completed How to Pay form
  • copy of your purchase order if paying via invoice

Samples received without the fully completed forms will be analysed but results will be held pending receipt. An email will be sent to advise that we need further information (please ensure that a valid email address is provide on your Customer Request form).

1. How do I find out if HSE Solutions offer a service?

Browse our through our Analytical Services brochure to see if we can help - contact one of the named contacts or email or call 0203 028 3383.

Our Standard Biomedical Assays are listed here.

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2. What sampling media should I use?

We recommend that customers use HSE Science and Research Centre supplied sampling media for many of our assays, alternatively we will advise on the best sampling media.  For all our Standard Biomedical Assays, we provide kits with everything you need to take your sample(s) and send to us for analysis, including return postage for UK customers.  Other kits supplied by us do not normally include return postage.  Customers need to ensure that correct postage is paid for when using Royal Mail as unpaid postage costs will be re-charged to the customer.

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3. How do I order kits?

Biomedical Assays

To order kits, please email with the following information:

  • The number of kits you require;
  • The tests being performed;
  • Delivery details - name and full address, including postcode;
  • Whether you require next day delivery service (NB, a charge will apply - see Additional Services below);

Kits will normally be despatched within 24 hours, orders for next day delivery must be received by 12 noon. Some tests can be ordered online - if you would like a test to be made available online, please contact Sample Registration.

Other sampling media

If we agree to supply sampling media for other services, these may be subject to a lead time, but we aim to despatch these as soon as possible following receipt in writing of your request to go ahead.  If you require further information please contact

NB: Gravimetric Requests are processed following receipt of our Gravimetric Request Form.

PTFE filters and wipe kits for allergen testing are available online.

All sample kits and media are dispatched by Royal Mail standard class post.  Additional charges will apply if you require next day or delivery to a non-UK destination or a courier is required (see Additional Services below).   All sampling equipment supplied is the property of HSE Science and Research Centre, and equipment not returned within 3 months of supply will incur a charge equivalent to the value of the equipment supplied.

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4. Analysis Request Form

Each time you send us samples for analysis you need to complete one of our Analysis Request forms found here - we use this to ensure we have received the correct samples and know where to send the results.  It is important that you complete all required Sections of the form to ensure processing can be carried out as smoothly as possible.  If the form is received incomplete then this could delay processing of your samples.

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5. Payment for Services

You can choose three methods of payment: credit card, BACS or invoice.

Payment by Credit/ Debit Card or by BACS

These options can be used for any order but must be used if you are sending samples costing less than £100.00 to analyse.

If you pay by these methods you will receive a full VAT receipt, suitable for accounting purposes.

Please call the sample reception team on the number below to provide the relevant credit/ debit card details prior to sending your samples to us.  A unique reference will be supplied to enter on your 'How To Pay' form.

If you require a pro-forma invoice in order to pay by one of these methods, please supply the following information so that we can provide this for you:

  • company name
  • company address
  • type of analysis (e.g. isocyanates in urine)
  • number of samples (or we can just provide the price of analysis for the current financial year)

Requesting an Invoice

Invoices can only be issued if the amount is over £100.00.  If you are sending samples with a value of less than £100.00 you must pay by credit/ debit card or by BACS.

It is mandatory for any company wishing to pay for their analysis via invoice to submit a completed 'How to Pay' form and provide us with a copy of the Purchase Order (not just the number).  Failure to do so will result in your results being held until received.

It may be useful for companies to provide an annual purchase order that can be used for the financial year (1st April and 31st March).

Please note:  our invoice procedure is quite lengthy (4-6 weeks) so if you require your reports sooner, please pay by credit/ debit card or by BACS.

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6. How will I know when my sample(s) have been received?

We will email you to let you know, provided you include an email address with your sample(s).

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7. How will I receive my results?

We offer customers a choice of either receiving their results by post (hard copy) or by email.  We will only send these out once - copies of results already issued will be subject to a standard charge (see Additional Services).

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8. When will I receive my results?

You should expect to receive your results within the specified or agreed turnaround times, normally specified as numbers of working days following receipt of samples at HSE Science and Research Centre.

Analytical reports will not be dispatched until full payment has been received.

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9. Post Analysis Sample Retention and Disposal

Samples are retained and disposed of in accordance with our operating procedures.  Usually for biological material this is one calendar month and for other samples six months.

It may be possible for HSE Science and Research Centre to return samples post analysis to you, but any requests must be made in writing and a charge may apply (see Additional Services).  Please email us with your request.

Human Tissue: In the provision of analysis services utilising human tissue samples, HSE Science and Research Centre must demonstrate compliance with the Human Tissue Act 2004 ("the Act"). To this effect the customer must understand that by placing an order for such service with HSE Science and Research Centre, they warrant that:

  • Appropriate consent (as defined in the Act) has been granted to undertake the requested analyses;
  • Post-mortem analyses can only be undertaken, and samples stored by HSE Science and Research Centre on the instruction and under the authority of a coroner;
  • In accordance with Section 44 of the Act, any surplus tissue not consumed during the analyses may be dealt with as waste, and where tissue samples are required to be returned the customer shall inform HSE Science and Research Centre at the time of placing the order for analysis.

Please note this customer information is subject to change and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.

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10. Additional Services

Avaliable to order online

  • Next Day Delivery (UK only): £42 + VAT
  • UK courier (for sampling media): £42 + VAT
  • EU (excluding UK) delivery (for sampling media): £63*
  • Non -EU delivery (for sampling media): £84*
  • Return of post analysis samples: price on arrangement
  • Additional Copy of Report: £42 + VAT
  • Review of Safety Data Sheets: <5 free; 5-10 £110; 11-15 £220. Please order online.

NB: price on arrangement may apply for heavy parcels or parcels of a non-standard nature.

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11. Sampling Media

A range of sampling media (filters, wipes, cassettes) are available to purchase by arrangement. Please contact Sample Registration and they will direct you to the appropriate Service Manager.

Sampling media for allergen analysis is available to order online.

Allergen Sampling (order online)

Exposure Measurement & Control

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