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Analytical Chemistry

We can help you to assess your control measures protecting against occupational exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in the workplace. We provide highly sensitive analytical methods for the analysis of a wide and diverse range of chemicals in air, liquids or solids.

Our assays enable you to demonstrate compliance with Great Britain's Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs, see EH40 for current list) and we are authors of HSE's Methods for Determining Hazardous Substances (MDHS) guidance.

Our Team has real-world expertise, including forensic analysis of material for work-related incidents and accidents, accidents and investigation of cases of occupational ill health caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.

Recently we have completed a project investigating odours inside of offshore wind farm turbines. This was completed as part of our organic analyses which include volatile organic compounds (VOCs, solvents), isocyanates and formaldehyde. We also specialise in the use of thermal desorption tubes which can be used for diffusive sampling of a wide variety of analytes

We contribute to HSE's wide range of testing services: Analytical - standard and bespoke, tailored analyses, AIR PT proficiency testing scheme, Inorganic analyses - including metals analysis, respirable crystalline silica, acid gases, Process fumes such as from welding, soldering, diesel engine exhaust, Bespoke services and Real Time Measurement.

We continue to carry out collaborative research with a wide range of research organisations including institutes, academia and industry through a programme of Shared Research.

To discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact us

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