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Power and Utilities

The power and utilities sector is in the midst of profound change. Emerging technologies and the changing demands of society promise to reshape not only the energy we use, but also how we use it.

Any change creates risk, and at HSE's Centre for Energy Innovation we help clients to manage safety and health risks. With experience accumulated over more than a century, we have delivered exceptional results for utility companies, policymakers, regulators, power producers and investors in the UK and worldwide. We can work with you to find innovative and effective solutions to the issues you face.

Why choose HSE?

  • We have the largest skill-set of any provider of health and safety solutions in the UK. The hands-on experience of our multi-disciplinary teams, combined with our cutting-edge research, delivers innovative and practical risk management solutions.
  • Our approach is evidence-based. We have our own strategic research programme, while working routinely with partner organisations and industry leaders. We have the tools and skills to tell you quickly what should be top of your to-do list, and what will have the greatest impact on your risk profile.
  • We are at the forefront of understanding and improving organisational safety culture, to reduce incidents caused by human factors.
  • We are world-leaders in the safe use of hydrogen, and our research work has had a wide impact in enabling a hydrogen-powered economy.

How can we help?

We offer a very broad range of skills and expertise, whether you are looking to commission some bespoke research, or looking for hands-on health and safety solutions.

Examples of how we've helped companies in the power and utilities sector include:

  • Assessing and comparing the risks of carbon dioxide and natural gas pipelines, to develop and implement new technologies.
  • Carrying out a hazard and risk review of the handling and storage of biomass.
  • Helping energy companies to address skills shortages, by developing programmes to retain critical know-how.
  • Measuring, benchmarking and improving safety culture, to drive improvements in safety performance.

To discuss how we can help you with any health or safety related issue, contact Tim Plowright: telephone +44 (0)203 028 2224, email

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