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Hazard Identification

Recognising and understanding the major accident hazards associated with your business is the first step in meeting your responsibilities to prevent major incidents and mitigate their consequences.

A hazard identification sign which reads: 'Explosive gases - No smoking or naked lights when batteries are on charge'You might have invested in new technology, different plant, the implementation of a new process or in establishing a new site; but do you know what hazards are associated with them?

With help from our risk management and process safety specialists you can ensure that you're fully aware of the hazards that relate to your business, better enabling you to control risk effectively.

We have a thorough understanding of hazard identification techniques including HAZID, HAZOP and Bow Tie Analysis and have even developed our own (the new Creeping Change HAZID technique).

For expert help with your hazard identification, please email

Angela Curtis:

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