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Impact and Crashworthiness

HSE Testing and Monitoring can fulfil almost any type of safety-related impact work in areas such as crashworthiness, secondary damage and regulatory testing.

In addition to an unrivalled range of impact testing facilities at the HSE Science and Research Centre, you'll also benefit from our considerable experience and expertise.

All samples and prototypes tested at our facilities can be instrumented with strain gauges, accelerometers, pressure transducers and load cells as required.

Displacements can be measured directly using high speed video, line scan cameras and photo-electric sensors. High resolution laser scans can be provided pre- and post- impact to assist in understanding any deformations or damage that occurs.

Demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance, HSE Testing and Monitoring is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accredited.

For expert help with your impact test and research requirements please contact:

Helen Bugg on +44 (0)203 028 1987

Impact Test Pad

Impact Test Pad

For drop tests involving high mass objects, we offer a 4 x 4 x 4 metre concrete cube faced with a 50mm steel plate for use as an 'unyielding' drop target.

Drop Test Rig

10m Drop Test Rig

Our indoor vertical drop tower has a 10-tonne capacity hoist and a variable drop height of up to 4 metres.
The rig's vertical height control and drop release system is accurate to 1mm making it ideal for lower speed impact tests (impact velocities up to 8m/s) in precisely controlled conditions.

The 10m rig can also be used for high strain rate tests on, for example, webbings used in fall arrest equipment.

25m Drop Test Rig

25m Drop Test Rig

For faster impact speeds, we possess a drop tower which offers a drop height variability of up to 25 metres and the flexibility to accommodate a variety of instrumentation packages.

This drop tower is suitable for testing objects up to 1 tonne, giving impact energy of up to 240kJ at speeds of up to 20m/s.

Impact Tracks

Impact Tracks

Our 265 metre main impact track consists of a single railway with dual rails (outer and inner gauge)which run down profiled banks on either side of a valley into a flat impact area at the valley floor.
The track can be used for impact testing, collision testing, shock testing, high strain rate testing, wire rope testing and other compressive or tensile tests.

The main railway impact track has a 4MJ maximum impact energy rating.

Gas Guns

Gas Gun(s)

Our 25mm bore gas gun can test projectile masses typically ranging from 1g to 1kg at speeds up to Mach 1, with the potential for more depending upon requirements. The gas gun enclosure has two ports for high speed video that can enable co-efficient of restitution calculations.

This facility can be used for test coupons, whilst a large enclosure also allows us to test components.

JCB Tractor

Fuel Tank Test Facility

HSE Testing and monitoring is able to test vehicle fuel tanks for resistance to petrol fires in accordance with the requirements of UN ECE Regulation 34.

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