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ergonomics.jpgWhatever the nature of your business or workplace, our ergonomics specialists can help you to maximise the safety, health and efficiency of your employees and work systems.

We do this by making the most of the interaction between your people, equipment and working environment.

Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of identifying, assessing and reducing risk can provide you with effective, practical solutions.

Our services include safety culture measurement and action planning, risk assessment and management, forensic accident and incident investigation, evaluating human performance and reliability, and training.

HSE can help your business to:

  • Reduce and manage sickness absence from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)
  • Develop workplace ergonomic improvements
  • Maximise health, safety, productivity and efficiency through ergonomic design
  • Comply with manual handling, ergonomics and other human factors regulations
  • Engage your employees in managing their own work related health risks

Our experience of delivering human factors solutions extends across many industry sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

HSE is a Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) Registered Consultancy.
Our specialist training is CIEHF-accredited and our courses can be tailored to your specific needs. This includes visiting your workplace to gain an understanding of your needs that enables us to tailor the training content and maximise its benefit to you.


The NEW Musculoskeletal (MSD) Online Assessment Tool combines the popular MSD assessment guides MAC, ART and RAPP and transforms them into an all-in-one digital solution. Read more and book a free demo here.

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