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Engineering Safety

We offer safety-related engineering solutions across all major industry sectors. We can support you in developing processes, equipment and new technologies, enabling you to safely and effectively plan and manage your projects and assets.

How can we help?

We offer a range of testing services, using our unique facilities. These include:

  • Failure analysis
  • Metallurgical analysis
  • Fatigue life assessment
  • Finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Our other services include:

  • Performance testing and material analysis
  • High energy impact, drop and pressure testing
  • Prototype testing
  • Concept and fabrication of bespoke test equipment and rigs
  • Large-scale testing
  • Impact track testing
  • Standards compliance testing

Our engineering staff are highly qualified and experienced, having conducted a large number of failure analysis investigations for HSE and industry. Many of our experts are chartered engineers and fellows of professional institutions. Many also sit on international safety committees.

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