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Data Analytics

Maximise your data's value for greater efficiency and cost savings

Your organisation's data is one of its most precious assets.

You might already use your data to support your business strategy or define meaningful performance KPIs, but with the help of our expert Data Analytics team you could also:

  • benchmark your performance against industry peer for greater competitive advantage
  • safeguard your premises, assets and people, UK-wide, using the latest and most accurate demographic data
  • combine and interrogate disparate data sets to gain new and beneficial business insights

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Benchmarking gives your organisation a clear commercial advantage

Using state-of the-art data interrogation and analysis techniques, our Data Analysts can extract intelligence from sources such as the national Labour Force Survey and your own data to accurately and cost-effectively benchmark your health and safety performance against industry peers. We can do this both for national and international businesses.

Meaningful benchmarking gives you:

  • an evidence-based understanding and comparison of health and safety performance
  • a commercial advantage when bidding for work
  • a 'line in the sand' against which to measure performance improvements

Being able to demonstrate easily your health and safety performance both to internal and external stakeholders can influence prospective customers to choose your business over your competitors.

Protect your assets, people and society with the National Population Database

If you need to understand the population of a specific geographic area, how it's made up and how it changes through the day, then you'll find the National Population Database (NPD) is an invaluable tool.

Businesses in the transport, utilities, telecommunications and high hazard sectors are using the NPD to estimate the number of workers, residents and other populations at any location in the UK and at any time of day.

Based on the most current, accurate and precise data available, the NPD is unique  in that it can be used for local scale analysis, but provides national coverage. This enables your business to:

  • plan for safe upgrades or repairs to infrastructure
  • assess major hazard risk
  • carry out demographic and economic impact analysis

Try the NPD now! The new NPD portal lets you experiment with the different layers using a sample of data. Plus, find out how and why the NPD was created.

Read more about the NPD and licensing options.

Gain new performance and financial benefits from the data you already own

As an organisation you probably have access to volumes of data from a variety of different sources.

Whilst much is made of the benefits of harvesting external 'big data', in reality, the data that you already possess is one of your business's most valuable assets.

Our Data Analytics team can help you to gain fresh and beneficial insights from your business data, using new techniques that we developed to achieve greater efficiency and identify cost savings across UK government.

We can create links between your disparate data sets, irrespective of their format or location, that enable them to be interrogated and analysed collectively to reveal previously hidden trends, insights and intelligence.

These can be used to improve business performance, productivity and cost efficiency.

Unlocking the untapped potential of your business data can:

  • uncover links between the causes and effects of current issues
  • enable resources to be allocated where they will have the greatest impact
  • give you a greater understanding of your business's risk profile
  • allow you to base strategic decisions on reliable evidence
  • contribute to the reduction of employee accidents and sickness absence
  • help you to forecast the future consequences of actions taken today

Accessing the benefits held within your organisation's data requires no investment from you in additional computer hardware or software, nor do we need to modify your data in any way so the day-to-day operation of your business continues unaffected.

To extract the maximum value from your business data, contact us now:

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