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PIPAH Study Archived Materials

PIPAH Newsletters

  • PIPAH Study NewsletterJan 2023 (PDF, 14.8 MB)
    Contains summary statistics of the hearing loss and COVID-19 data we collected.
  • PIPAH Study NewsletterJan 2022 (PDF, 10.6 MB)
    Read a summary of some of the data collected on skin health.
  • PIPAH Study NewsletterJan 2021 (PDF, 11.7 MB)
    Hear about the effect of COVID-19 and the development of a Crop Exposure Matrix.
  • PIPAH Study NewsletterJan 2020 (PDF, 6.6 MB)
    Discover how the study has extended its reach in its seventh year.
  • PIPAH Study NewsletterJan 2019 (PDF, 6 MB)
    Learn how the study has continued to develop in its sixth year.
  • PIPAH Study Newsletter, Jan 2018 (PDF, 6.7 MB)
    Learn how the study has developed and grown in its fifth year, and what's next.
  • PIPAH Study Newsletter, Jan 2017 (PDF, 4.9 MB)
    In its fourth year, the study has reached an important milestone.
  • PIPAH Study Newsletter, Jan 2016 (PDF, 7.0 MB)
    Progress updates and other news from the study's third year.
  • PIPAH Study Newsletter, Jan 2015 (PDF, 7.0 MB)
    An update of the study's progress in 2014 and our planned activities in 2015.
  • PIPAH Study Newsletter, Jan 2014 (PDF, 7.0 MB)
    Contains some preliminary facts about the study participants and the work they do.

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