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Land Use Planning Pre-application Advice

Planning Awards 2017 Shortlist LogoHSE as a statutory consultee, provides land use planning advice to planning authorities on proposed developments on sites which lie near to a major hazard site or a major accident hazard pipeline. The details outlined below are part of the new arrangements developed for delivering HSE's contribution to the planning system - further explanation of these changes can be found on HSE's website.

Business users can be provided with pre-application advice using HSE's land use planning policy on such developments, and depending upon the level of advice which is proposed they may be charged for this service.

A map depicting the area around a Major Hazard

If you are considering developing a site which lies close to a major hazard, you can be provided with information about the consultation distances and zones which apply, so that you can tell if HSE would be consulted over a planning application. If you are interested in developing a site which does lie within a consultation distance and you would like more information as to what advice HSE would provide on your proposals, this can be provided as a charged service.

Please note:

Land Use Planning Pre-application advice is now available through HSE's Planning Advice Web App..

Should you require further information about how to use this service please call +44 (0)203 028 3708 or e-mail

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