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Fibres Proficiency Testing Steering Committee (FPTSC)


The Fibres Proficiency Testing Steering Committee (FPTSC) oversees the UK operations of the Regular Inter-laboratory Counting Exchange (RICE), the Asbestos in Materials Scheme (AIMS), the Asbestos in Soils Scheme (AISS), the Low Asbestos Content Scheme (LACS) and the Scanning Electron Microscopy Fibre Counting Scheme (SEMS) on behalf of HSE. The FPTSC reports directly to the Chair of HSE's Committee on Fibre Measurement (CFM). The Committee also discusses developments in other related HSE committees and working groups and feedback from the UKAS Technical Advisory Committee.

The Role of the Fibres Proficiency Testing Steering Committee

The role of the FPTSC is to provide technical advice to HSE on matters relating to HSE's asbestos proficiency testing schemes.

In particular its purpose includes providing technical advice on the following:

  • Review of recent rounds of AIMS, AISS, LACS, RICE and SEMS, including discussion of any formal complaints and queries.
  • Periodic review of PT scheme scoring and assessment criteria and where appropriate drafting of new guidelines.
  • To monitor and oversee international quality assurance schemes for fibre measurement and ensure the schemes continue to be fit for purpose.
  • Providing articles or suggestions for the Fibre Aspects Newsletter.
  • Maintain contact with European and other similar asbestos PT schemes.
  • The need for the establishment of specialist sub-groups
  • To report to HSE on the above.


The Chair of FPTSC is appointed by the Committee on Fibre Measurement. FPTSC members are invited by HSE. They are selected on the basis of having the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to contribute to the work of the committee and, when relevant, for their ability to act as a representative of their organisation, sector or other interest. FPTSC members represent a range of stakeholder interests including HSE Testing and monitoring, UKAS, accredited laboratories & independent asbestos experts.  Membership is reviewed by HSE Testing and monitoring in conjunction with the Chair at least every three years. Members are required to exercise discretion in respect of information received in the course of their duties as FPTSC members and to treat as confidential any information so marked or related in confidence.

HSE Testing and monitoring provides the Committee Secretary.

Membership details available on request

Example of Agenda


The FPTSC currently meets approximately every 6 months.   Provisional dates are normally set at the previous meeting.

The FPTSC may from time to time, establish sub-committees in order to undertake projects within its terms of reference in specific areas of asbestos proficiency testing activity.  The sub-committees may co-opt members from outside the FPTSC membership.   The FPTSC will select the Chair of the sub-committees from within its membership and an HSE Testing and monitoring staff member will act as secretary to each sub-committee.

At the invitation of the Chair, and with the agreement of HSE Testing and monitoring, other parties may attend meetings of the FPTSC. On such occasions the meeting notes shall clearly state the affiliations of the invited participants.

Further information

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