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Safe Net Zero 2024: deep dive event brings together government, industry and academia to explore the safety of materials in hydrogen environments

1 March 2024

Last month, over 160 stakeholders from a diverse range of organisations and industry sectors came together to discuss the challenges associated with materials used in hydrogen environments at an event hosted by HSE.

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Images from the event, which took place last month

'Safety considerations for materials used in hydrogen environments' is part of the established Safe Net Zero series of events and took place on 13 February in Manchester.  It explored the selection, performance and safety of materials used by those developing and deploying innovative hydrogen technologies to highlight the work being done to understand the implications for safety.

The event programme featured sessions from over 20 technical experts and thought leaders, with safety as the underpinning theme.

Commenting on the day, David Johnson, who hosted the event and is HSE's Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser said:

'Understanding how materials interact with hydrogen is key to using it safely and sustainably.

A number of key themes emerged from the event, particularly with regard to the scale of the challenge ahead and the need to work at pace to deliver robust evidence to inform our decision making.

It's clear we need to challenge each other as a community, to adopt innovative ways of doing things, where it has been demonstrated that it is safe to do so, and we need to coordinate activities to make sure we are not unnecessarily duplicating work.

Events like these bring together a diverse range of stakeholders to share the knowledge and develop the collaborative relationships we need for the UK to be successful. And of course as HSE, we ensure that health and safety is at the heart of the conversation.'

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