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New HSE Shared Research project on Corrosion Under Insulation - can you contribute to this important research?

8 August 2022

Ruptured pipe due to corrosion under insulation

Ruptured pipe due to corrosion under insulation

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is prevalent on major hazard plant both on and offshore, including nuclear and chemical plants, oil refineries and offshore installations.

Developments in coatings, insulation materials, cladding systems and installation practices have led to some improvements, however the unpredictable nature of CUI, combined with the associated difficulties of inspecting it, and subsequently detecting anomalies, makes ongoing integrity management extremely challenging.

Consequently, CUI continues to represent a major safety threat, having been responsible for a number of major hydrocarbon releases and presenting industry with a range of business assurance and continuity challenges that carry with them significant costs each year.

Despite promising developments in managing CUI over recent decades, it remains a challenging issue that requires a fresh approach. Therefore, on 15th September 2022, HSE will be hosting a workshop to consider the threat of CUI from a lifecycle perspective and to discuss the options for a Shared Research Project on this important topic.

The workshop, to be held at HSE's Science and Research Centre in Buxton, will provide a forum for discussing challenges and identifying opportunities for shared research to address them. The basis on which this research can be undertaken will be a key outcome of the meeting.

To register your interest in attending the workshop, please contact David Johnson:

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