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Data derived from HSE science activities

During the course of its scientific and technical work, HSE develops and produces a broad range of intellectual property assets and information, some of which can be licensed for re-use.

National Population Database

One such example is the National Population Database (NPD), which is a geographical information system (GIS) tool developed to inform HSE's risk assessment work within the United Kingdom.

HSE is a licensed reseller of Ordnance Survey mapping data, upon which the NPD is built, and this allows us to licence NPD data to other organisations for re-use.

Licence fees are based upon your data requirements (in terms of the number of population layers required and the geographical area(s) of interest) in addition to your own licence status for Ordnance Survey mapping products.  Prices include all data collation and supply fees as well as the relevant licence fees.

For further information or a quote please contact the HSE GIS team directly: or our licensing team:

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