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Dichloromethane (urine)

Dichloromethane (also known as DCM or methylene chloride) is a solvent used in used in paint removal, adhesives, metal cleaning, aerosol solvents, chemical processing and pharmaceutical and flexible polyurethane foam manufacturing.

Breathing in DCM vapour can produce narcotic effects. These include drowsiness, headache, giddiness and, at high concentrations, unconsciousness and death. DCM evaporates easily producing high concentrations of vapour, particularly in confined spaces or where ventilation is inadequate.

DCM is implicated in a number of prosecutions each year, including unfortunately some fatalities. It is therefore paramount that employers adequately control DCM exposures in their workplaces.

There is more information on on the health risks of using dichloromethane.

DCM can be measured in urine and there is an American guidance value to help interpret results. Please ensure that the sample bottle is filled to the shoulder to minimise evaporation. Samples should be collected at the end of shift (or end of task, if not used throughout the shift).

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