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Fluoride in urine (6 bottles per kit)

Fluoride in the form of hydrogen fluoride is predominantly used for the manufacture of fluorocarbon chemicals e.g. fluoropolymers.  It is also used in glass etching.  Fluorides are used in aluminium production, as catalysts for petroleum alkylation and in the production of chemicals such as herbicides (for agriculture) and uranium fluorides (for the nuclear industry).

The American committee (US ACGIH) has revised its biological monitoring guidance value for fluoride and proposes new, lower, guidance values of 2mg/L in urine samples collected pre-shift and 3mg/L in samples collected post-shift.  The basis of these revised guidance values is to prevent skeletal fluorosis.

Skeletal Spine

Our data on post-shift urine fluorides since 2010 shows that 20% of urine samples have levels greater than 3 mg/L.  The reduced American guidance values suggest it may be useful to reassess exposure to fluoride.  Results in excess of the guidance values indicate that improvements to control or changes to working practice should be considered.

Pre-shift urine levels reflect body burden and are significantly affected by environmental exposure (e.g. diet, tap water).  Post-shift levels reflect exposure during that shift.  Because the pre- and post-shift guidance values are close numerically, we suggest several pairs of samples to evaluate occupational exposure.

If exposure is repeated daily, we advise collecting pre-and post-shift samples on three consecutive days.  If exposure is intermittent, collecting pre-and post-shift sample pairs on days where there is potential for exposure is recommended.

In light of this, we are offering a special package to allow a thorough evaluation of worker exposure.  A single analysis price covers three pairs of pre- and post-shift urine samples (as described above) from an individual worker.  This offer is only available using our online ordering system. Turnaround time is 20 working days from receipt.

Government advice is available on managing incident exposures to hydrofluoric acid (HF):

Hydrogen fluoride: health effects, incident management and toxicology

Emergency treatment of hydrofluoric acid (HF) burns and injury prior to transfer to hospital


Product Code: PE11684

Price: £79.00 (VAT free)


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