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Cadmium (urine)

Urine cadmium gives a long-term indication of exposure to cadmium.

For cadmium, a worker's exposure can be assessed by either blood or urine samples; but the sample type dictates the information gained about that exposure.  Blood cadmium levels reflect more recent exposures (previous months) whereas urine levels reflect current lifetime exposure.

If using biological monitoring to assess the current adequacy of control in the workplace, then blood cadmium is recommended as it is a better reflection of current body burden and will respond more quickly to any improvements or interventions.  If a blood sample indicates that excessive exposure has occurred then a urine sample can be useful in determining whether this is a short-term issue or has likely been ongoing for an extended period of time.  A urine sample can also be measured for retinol binding protein to determine if there are any early health effects as a result of the exposure.

To request a blood cadmium sampling kit, please contact Sample Registration.

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Chromium & Nickel (urine)

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