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LEV: Practical Management of Controls

18 June 2024


Breathing in dusts, gases, fumes and vapours in the workplace can cause serious, long-term lung damage and often incurable health problems.

Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) is the most common method of controlling workers' exposure to such airborne contaminants. Unfortunately, it is often not effective enough.  Employers are regularly misled by suppliers and select and install LEV controls that don't work and/or cost too much. Once installed, LEV controls are often poorly checked, maintained and examined.

This training course will demonstrate how to successfully manage LEV systems for effective, efficient and reliable control of exposure to hazardous substances.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will be provided with information that will help them to:

  • Know how to assess work processes and how they emit airborne contaminant clouds
  • Understand the principles and key ways to procure effective, reliable and efficient LEV
  • Know how to review and improve existing LEV
  • Understand how to manage LEV suppliers and contractors
  • Know the key things to put in place to manage LEV checking and maintenance, and their role in doing so
  • Know the common techniques for assessing LEV effectiveness
  • Know how to manage LEV examination and examiners, and be realistic about what to expect

What the course will cover

The course will demonstrate how to successfully manage LEV controls in order to get effective, efficient, and reliable control of airborne contaminants, at least cost.

Who should attend?

This course will teach delegates how to manage LEV procurement to get the right type of LEV that effectively, reliably and efficiently controls work process emissions and exposure. Delegates will learn how to critically assess, review, improve and manage modifications of current LEV controls. They will also learn how to manage LEV suppliers and contractors as well as how to manage LEV checking and maintenance so that exposure control is reliably maintained. Delegates will examine the range of techniques available for assessing LEV effectiveness, learn how to manage LEV through examination and test (TExT) and understand its limitations so that they can be realistic about what to expect.

Presenters include

The course is innovative, practical and lively. It was developed by Dr Mark Piney (former HSE Principal Specialist Inspector, main author of  HSE LEV guidance, including HSG 258) and HSE staff. It is delivered by HSE specialists in LEV.

This LEV management course has been featured in the July 2011 issue of  Safety and Health Practitioner magazine. Mark has summarised the key issues for employers, and their advisers, procuring or reviewing their LEV exposure controls.


The course will be run at the HSE Science and Research Centre in the spa town of Buxton.

Buxton is in the heart of the Peak District and has good links to major roads and motorways, mainline train stations and Manchester International Airport.

Details of hotels in the Buxton area can be found at


£560 per person (includes all course material, aids to assist delegates,  lunch and refreshments).

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