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Data-driven Insights

data analytics from HSL.jpg Data and its increasing potential to improve the way we work is a key priority area for the UK Government.

The National Data Strategy (NDS) sets out the UK vision for better data management. It puts the UK at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and data revolution to create thousands of good quality jobs and drive economic growth. The strategy supports the Levelling Up Agenda and Build Back Better, with the use of data and technology underpinning key objectives such as Net Zero.

Unlocking intelligence from data is not only advantageous for government - it's also tremendously valuable for other public sector organisations and industry alike. Although it sounds complex - data is just another word for information. And it's something we all collect, but don't necessarily use to full advantage.

Quite simply, the ability to extract intelligence from data, has the potential to predict risk and save lives.

We know this, because for over 40 years as Great Britain's health and safety regulator we've used robust analysis techniques to extract intelligence from the data we collect. We use it to inform and prioritise our regulatory activity, underpin our guidance and policy and support our scientific research activities.

And now our data scientists can do this for you. By applying increasingly innovative techniques, HSE can help you to gain fresh and beneficial insights from the health and safety data you already own, unlocking intelligence that will help you to take an evidence-based approach to managing and improving health and safety risk within your organisation. Read more about what we do in the links below or contact us:

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  • Discovering Safety

    A programme that aims to use data and analytical techniques to provide new insights and approaches to help to reduce injuries and fatalities from workplace activity.

  • National Population Database

    A unique Geographical Information System (GIS) dataset that enables the estimation of residents, workers and other population types in any location in Great Britain - down to individual building level.

  • HSE Data Sets

    HSE has collected a vast archive of incident, accident, investigation and concerns data over the past 50 years.

  • Data-driven Health and Safety Management training course

    This HSE training course covers the main uses of data and the links between data, effective management systems and success. The content has been written by HSE experts with insights from the Discovering Safety Leading Indicators project.

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