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Andrew Garrison

Sustainable Energy Safety Scientist

Andrew Garrison

Andrew is a scientist at the HSE Science and Research Centre researching into the safety aspects of potentially explosive atmospheres associated with sustainable energy.

Before joining the HSE, Andrew spent 5 years consulting in a range of industries and gaining experience of dangerous substances and safety assessment methods. Throughout his career he has shared his expertise on the application of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations through industry user groups and educational training courses.

In his current role, Andrew uses a mixture of practical experimentation and theoretical analysis to research into the use of hydrogen as a potential energy carrier. As a sustainable energy safety scientist, his projects are focused on initiatives looking to help the world meet its net zero targets.

Research Interests

  • Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations
  • The use of 100% hydrogen as a new distribution gas for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications
  • The use of a 20% hydrogen blend in natural gas for gas distribution
  • Control of ignition sources in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Explosive Atmospheres in the water Industry and aviation industry

Previous Projects

  • H21 Phase 1a - An investigation into the change in leakage when switching from natural gas to hydrogen in the UK gas distribution network (NGN)
  • HyDeploy - Industrial and Commercial Appliances (Progressive Energy)
  • H100 - Hydrogen Excess Flow Valves (SGN)
  • HyDeploy 2 -Ignition Sensitivity, Progressive Energy
  • Hazardous Area Classification for Liquid Hydrogen Refuelling Research Facility (Airbus)

Notable Achievements

  • Presenter at the International Conference of Hydrogen Safety 2021
  • Presenter at the IChemE Hazards 28
  • Energy Institute Research report: Aviation fuelling hazardous area classification
  • Runner up in the 2018 Chemical Industry Awards Young Ambassador

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