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Alan McDonald

Senior Scientist

Alan McDonald


Alan is a senior experimental scientist working in the major hazards operations group and has worked for HSE for over a decade. His area of technical expertise is pressure systems, focussing primarily on destructive testing of pressure vessels and pressurised equipment.

Recently this work has included an increasing number of novel materials such as 3D printed metallic components and composite wrap vessels.

Alan also delivers training courses on pressure systems hazard awareness to HSE inspectors and commercial clients, as well as participating in forensic incident investigations.

Research Interests

  • High energy destructive pressure testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Leak tightness testing
  • Hydraulic injection
  • Pressure systems hazard awareness

Previous Projects

  • 2000 bar hydrostatic pressure test of 3D printed valve bodies
  • 1000 bar destructive pressure test of 5000 litre vessel
  • High temperature destructive pneumatic burst test of hazardous waste storage canisters
  • 2 MJ destructive testing of large volume composite material air receivers
  • Commercial research in hydraulic injection injury PPE

Notable Achievements

  • Member of the Bureau of Engineering Surveyors and the Society of Operating Engineers

HSE Training Course

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