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Adam Clarke

Occupational Hygienist

Adam Clarke

Adam is an Occupational Hygienist within the Health Capability Group at HSE's Buxton Science and Research Centre and has worked for HSE since 2014. Adam's role takes him around the country, visiting workplaces to perform occupational hygiene surveys. This research feeds into larger projects and acts as part of the evidence base HSE uses to update guidance and inform policy decisions.

Research Interests

  • Worker exposures to health hazards
  • Assessing the effectiveness of workplace control measures
  • Dust extraction systems
  • Decontamination of RPE
  • Emerging sampling technologies

Previous Projects

  • PROTECT COVID-19 - National Core Study (COVID-OUT)
  • NHS COVID-19 response: Piloting the decontamination and repurposing of single-use face masks, by using hydrogen peroxide vapour
  • Assessment of dust extraction system solutions on hand-held electric diamond cutters
  • HSE Incident investigations

Notable Achievements

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