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Energy Innovation

Energy is currently a headline topic, as global energy demand is expected to increase by 35% before 2030.

This must be balanced with the need to tackle climate change and to conserve conventional oil and gas by using them more efficiently.

Adapting and improving current power generation technologies to provide for growing energy demand - at comparatively low cost and high efficiency - is fundamental to the achievement of a low carbon energy future.

Building upon our track record in the key sectors relating to energy (power, heat and fuel), HSE has established its own dedicated Centre for Energy Innovation.

Our role in energy innovation

HSE has developed a strong reputation in the field of energy and plays a major part in enabling the safe development of new and innovative energy technologies.

Recently we've helped customers in the energy sector to identify, assess and manage the health and safety risks of projects relating to the hydrogen economy, nuclear decomissioning and the use of novel fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

HSE's Centre for Energy Innovation

Building upon our track record in the key sectors relating to energy (power, heat and fuel), HSE has established its own dedicated Centre for Energy Innovation.

The role of the Centre for Energy Innovation is to further our work in this important area, recognising that energy and its continued availability represents perhaps the greatest challenge facing the modern world as it strives to:

  • reduce climate change by radically lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • recover, make best use of and ultimately replace dwindling hydrocarbon fuel reserves
  • provide affordable and secure sources of energy

We shall achieve this by increasing our integration with, and understanding of, the wider energy innovation field and its new and emerging technologies.

Contact us for help with new energy technologies

If your business is based in the energy sector and you'd like to benefit from HSE's expertise in health and safety for new and innovative energy technologies, please contact:

Dr Stuart Hawksworth on +44 (0)203 028 2212 or email

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