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What's New - HSE Science and Research Publications

New Published Articles

Bacon, J., Butler, O., Warren, R., Cairns, J., Cook, C., Davidson, C., O., C. and Mertz-Kraus, R. (2020) Atomic spectrometry update - a review of advances in environmental analysis. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 35 (1), 9-53,

Brescia, S. (2020) Thresholds of adversity and their applicability to endocrine disrupting chemicals. Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 50 (3), 213-218,

Burden, N., Benstead, R., Benyon, K., Clook, M., Green, C., Handley, J., Harper, N., Maynard, S., Mead, C., Pearson, A., Ryder, K., Sheahan, D., Van Egmond, R., Wheeler, J. and Hutchinson, T. (2020) Key Opportunities to Replace, Reduce, and Refine Regulatory Fish Acute Toxicity Tests. . Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 39 (10), 2076-2089, (open access)

Chen, H., Buston, J., Gill, J., Howard, D., Williams, R., Rao Vendra, C., Shelke, A. and Wen, J. X. (2020) An experimental study on thermal runaway characteristics of lithium-ion batteries with high specific energy and prediction of heat release rate. Journal of Power Sources, 472 228585,

Clay, M. F., Kidd, M., Gale, A., Boardman, T., Murphy, J., Wynn, T., Naylor, S. and Ellwood, J. (2020) Understanding loss of containment of non-radiological chemotoxic materials in the civil nuclear and process industries. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 136 203-213,

Crook, B. Occupational Exposure to Biological Agents. In: ed, Latest News on Occupational Health, Open Access eBooks, 2020

Harris, W., Soutis, C., Gresil, M. and Atkin, C. (2020) Pressure response and life assessment of filament-wound composite pipes after impact. International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture, 3 (4), 365-375, (open access)

Jones, K. (2020) Human Biomonitoring in occupational health for exposure assessment. Portuguese Journal of Public Health, 38 (1), 2-5,

Makison Booth, C. and Frost, G. (2020) Survival of a norovirus surrogate on surfaces in synthetic gastric fluid. Journal of Hospital Infection, 105 (3), 468-473, (open access)

Mason, H. (2020) Respiratory health risks from exposure to dust from soybean and its products. IntechOpen, (open access book)

Mason, H., Carder, M., Money, A., Evans, G., Seed, M., Agius, R. and Van Tongeren, M. (2020) Occupational asthma and its causation in the UK seafood processing industry. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxaa055, (open access)

Mazzola, T. and Gant, S. (2021) Results of comparisons of the predictions of 17 dense gas dispersion models with observations from the Jack Rabbit II chlorine field experiment. Atmospheric Environment, 244 117887,

Poole, C. J. M., Robinson, E. and Frost, G. (2020) Sensory perception testing by monofilaments in the digits of controls and workers with HAVS. International Archive of Occupational and Environmental Health, 93 (6), 723-731, (open access)

Scholten, B., Kenny, L., Duca, R., Pronk, A., Santonen, T., Galea, K., Loh, M., Huumonen, K., Sleeuwenhoek, A. J., Creta, M., Godderis, L. and Jones, K. (2020) Biomonitoring for occupational exposure to diiocyanates: a systematic review. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 64 (6), 569-585,

Stewart, J. (2020) CFD modelling of underexpanded hydrogen jets exiting rectangular shaped openings. Process Safety and Environmental Protection 139 283-296, (open access)

Viegas, S., Zare Jeddi, M., Hopf, N., Bessems, J., Palmen, N., Galea, K., Jones, K., Kujath, P., Duca, R., Verhagen, H., Santonen, T. and Pasanen-Kase, R. (2020) Biomonitoring as an Underused Exposure Assessment Tool in Occupational Safety and Health Context-Challenges and Way Forward. . International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17 (16), 5884, (open access)

Yatkin, S., Trzepla, K., Hyslop, N., White, W., Butler, O., Ancelet, T., Davy, P., Gerboles, M., Kohl, S., Mcwilliams, A., Saucedo, L., Van Der Haar, M. and Jonkers, A. (2020) Comparison of a priori and interlaboratory-measurement-consensus approaches for value assignment of multi-element reference materials on PTFE filters. Microchemical Journal, 158 (open access)

Zehra, S. and Barry, M. (2020) 29 Clinicopathological and Molecular Profiling of Breast Cancer in Very Young Versus Young Pre-Menopausal Women - A Population-Based Cohort Study,. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 46 (6), e9,


Advance Publications

Gant, S., Tickle, G., Kelsey, A. and Tucker, H. (2020) DRIFT dispersion model predictions for the Jack Rabbit II Model inter-comparison exercise. Atmospheric Environment, (open access)

Harris, W., Soutis, C., Gresil, M. and Atkin, C. (2019) Pressure response and life assessment of filament-wound composite pipes after impact. International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture (in print) (open access)


Recently Published Reports

Annual science review 2020. HSE, 2020.

AZKARATE, I., BUTTNER, W., BARTHÉLÉMY, H., CIRRONE, D., COLDRICK, S,. HOOKER, P., HAWKSWORTH, S., JEFFREY, K., JORDAN, T., KELLER, J., MARKERT, F., MELIDEO, D., MORETTO, P. and TCHOUVELEV, A. International Association for Hydrogen Safety 'Research Priorities Workshop', September 2018, Buxton, UK. HSE, 2020. (RR1159)

Foresight report: the human impact of the changing nature of work. HSE, 2020.


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