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Assessment & Certification (CE-marking)

From 1 January 2003 all blasting explosives, detonating cords, detonators and propellants used commercially must bear the CE mark if they are to be placed on the European market.

Applications for certification must be made on the ENB application form using the EC modular system for assessing conformity. Usually, Module B, EC Type Examination, is supported by a quality system (Module D or E) or by Module C (Conformity to Type). Module C involves ENB in taking samples of the manufacturer's production.

ENB grants approval for the CE mark to be affixed to products that comply with the Essential Safety Requirements of Directive 2014/28/EU (the Civil Uses Directive recast), allowing them free access to European markets.

Note: If you have problems downloading the electronic version of the application form, please contact ENB directly.

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