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Kate Jeffrey

Business Development Manager

Kate Jeffrey

As an environmental chemistry graduate from The University of Edinburgh, Kate has over a decade of work contributing to sustainable energy systems. She is an advocate of collaborative working between public and private sectors; safety in design; and using robust science to enable the safe transition to future energy systems.

In her eight years at HSE Kate has delivered a number of large-scale complex hydrogen and engineering projects for organisations in the energy sector both UK and Internationally. Her work has been published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. More recently working as part of HSE's Centre for Energy Kate has been involved in scoping large scale international prenormative hydrogen research projects; PRESLHY, HYTUNNEL-CS and MULTHYFUEL all of which have been awarded by the European Commission.

Kate holds a position on the board for the International Association for Hydrogen Safety and recently delivered International Conference for Hydrogen Safety 2021 and is currently developing a knowledge base for members from the technical assets. She has represented the UK at Mission Innovation - Hydrogen meetings to establish how safety can be into deployment of hydrogen applications. Kate works with multiple divisions within HSE understanding the drivers from policy, regulatory and research perspectives.

Research Interests

  • Hydrogen Economy (Power, Heat, Transport including vehicle / marine and aviation)
  • Resilient Systems
  • Battery Technology
  • Achieving Net Zero Safely
  • Safety in Design
  • Science based policy
  • Data and AI

Previous Projects

  • HyDeploy & HyDeploy 2, Cadent
  • H21, Northern Gas Networks
  • H100 Fife, SGN
  • Passive Ventilation of Hydrogen, Sellafield
  • PRESLHY, European Commission FCHJU, led by KIT
  • HYTUNNEL-CS, European Commission FCHJU, Led by University of Ulster
  • MULTHYFUEL, European Commission FCHJU, Led by Hydrogen Europe
  • Discovering Safety

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